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  • What are the standard sizes?

    For collections Filo a Filo and Filo Zero standard sizes are 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 cms wide, whereas standard height is 210 cms and standard walls 9-10-11-12 cms wide.
    For collections Indaco, Amaranto, Cobalto, Natura, Luxò, Trasparenze & Riflessi and Coloring standard sizes are 60, 70, 75, 80 e 90 cms wide, whereas standard height is 210 cms and standard walls 8-10-12 cms wide.
    Bespoke items can be tailored to customer requirements.

  • Do you make special and bespoke items?

    Our skillful craftsmanship allows us to make special and bespoke items in order to meet even the most particular of our customer’s needs.

  • Do you produce sliding doors?

    Each and every model can be made in a sliding door version, whether hidden inside or outside the wall.

  • What elements come included with the door?

    Each and every door is ready to be installed and is supplied with frame, casings, hinges and lock.

  • Are your casings telescopic?

    Yes, our casings are telescopic and interlocking.

  • What type of hinges do you fit your doors with?

    Collections Indaco, Amaranto, Cobalto, Natura, Luxò, Trasparenze & Riflessi and Coloring are fitted with the exclusive patented Portek hinges that allow a total precision adjustment between the door-leaf and the frame. By simply using a normal screwdriver the door-leaf can be adjusted in plane or side-to-side with the utmost precision to allow a perfect closure. Available in bronze and aluminium finish.

  • Do you manufacture cladding panels for armoured security doors?

    We manufacture cladding panels for armoured security doors in the same finishes available for our interior doors.

  • Do you make skirting board?

    We make skirting board in the same finishes available for our interior doors.

  • How do you supply the doors?

    Doors collections Filo a Filo and Filo Zero are supplied assembled with their frame and packaged in suitable cardboard boxes. For doors collections Indaco, Amaranto, Cobalto, Natura, Luxò, Trasparenze & Riflessi and Coloring the door-leaf and the not-assembled frame are supplied separately and packaged in suitable cardboard boxes.

  • What are the precautions for use?

    Our doors are for interiors and it would be wise avoiding surroundings which are too dry or too humid.

  • How to clean the door?

    It’s wise to wipe with a slightly dampened soft cloth. Avoid furniture paste wax polishes and coarse cloths. In case you want to use a cleaning product, do test it on a small area first.

  • How to clean glass?

    It’s necessary to use specific cleaning products for glass surfaces, taking care to spray the detergent on the cloth and not directly on the glass in order to avoid any contact with the door.


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